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The Best Advertising Breakup Unsubscribe Email

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

It's every marketer's worst nightmare: the Unsubscribe from emails button.

Nobody likes being broken up with.

We all get way too many emails, so as a marketer, how do you prevent the dreaded churn or unsubscribe rate?

Surely this is a series I should expand upon, but truly, every lesson we could learn is from how Drizly handled me trying to unsubscribe from their email list.

Drizly is genius.

It all started when, in a moment of excitement, I ordered some peanut butter whiskey from Drizly that I saw an ad for and really wanted to try. I didn't really plan to use them again. A few weeks later, the time came for me to unsubscribe, when I was met with the only breakup email page that made may stay subscribed EVER. No offer, or discount, or promise of great content has ever made me stay when I wanted to unsubscribe before. Therefore, I present to you, the best breakup email of all time:

drizly best breakup email

Components of the best breakup email:

(brought to you by Drizly. Not sponsored, but I wish it was).

  1. It's simple.

  2. It feels personal. I felt like I was insulting the writer, the very person who I have been. It gave the brand, and the writer of those emails, personality. It is a brand that I want to support more.

  3. It's different. It made me laugh, smile, and show as many people as I could.


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