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Social Media Influencers you need to follow if you're a Woman in your mid-20s or 30s

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Being a woman in your mid 20s and 30s can be challenging, but these social influencers make it feel a little bit less lonely. There are so many pressures between careers, dating, finding yourself, balancing obligations, and not to mention, societal pressures. Here is a list of a variety of badass female influencers who demonstrate tremendous wisdom and will empower you to be your best self or get through hard times.

Anna Kai Maybeboth

Anna Kai, perhaps better known as maybeboth on Instagram and TikTok, is the daughter of Chinese immigrants and gives the most fire life and dating advice while putting on her gorgeous makeup. Her hair is always voluminous, and her advice is always digestible and on point. You'll feel empowered after watching literally any of her videos.

Victoria Garrick Browne

Victoria Garrick Browne is a former D1 athlete who shares her struggles with eating disorders and promotes recovery in a really fantastic way. She is genuine and wants to help people, and her work ethic and kind soul are palpable. She is on Instagram and TikTok, and also has a podcast.

Kate Speer

Kate Speer went viral for dancing and body acceptance and shares amazing pieces of writing and life realism. She spent many years with severe psychiatric illness and was on disability, and defied the odds and worked her way to CEO as well as founding her own company. She shares her inspiring story and how she continues fighting and sharing on Instagram. You can also follow her adorable service pups, Wafflenugget and Tugboat.

Fumi Mahamaven

Fumi is a beautiful, sophisticated woman with fire advice about not settling. She was an intern during the Obama administration and has a viral for a video about Michelle Obama. She is on Instagram and also has a podcast.


Amy starts all of her videos with "hi bb." She has a beautiful accent and the most soothing voice. She is a great creator to follow for inner child work, reparenting, and self acceptance. She is on Instagram and Tiktok. Be gentle with yourself.

Taylor Tomlinson

A comedian with two Netflix specials, Taylor Tomlinson strikes the perfect balance of real and relatable. Her way of looking at the world is wise but also downright hilarious. You'll laugh your ass off yet end a show of hers a little bit wiser. You'll get some real gems of advice and the way she makes light of dark situations is pure poetry. You can find her on Instagram here.


I will update this list with more amazing influencers as I come across them. Who are your favorite influencers?


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