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Easy swaps to help the environment

Corporations and governments are to blame for the climate crisis and should be held accountable rather than individuals, but I also believe that we can each do our part to leave our little corners of the world a little better than we found them. Below are a few easy and inexpensive swaps.

help the environment sustainability


Chemical sunscreens aren’t good for you and are actually a significant contributor to the death of coral reefs. Zinc sunscreen may not always be the sexiest, but it is better for your body and better for the planet, and this Pipette 50SPF sunscreen doesn’t leave a film like so many others do!

Reusable Nespresso Pods / K Cups

If you enjoy coffee but have a single serve situation, don’t fret! You can get more mileage from your mocha maker with reusable Nespresso pods or K Cups to reduce landfill waste.

Grocery Bags

$0.08 a bag? I don't think so. These inexpensive bags are heavy duty, have zips, and are insulated. They're perfect for longer errand runs or picnics.

grocery bag store meme

Space Heaters

Consider space heaters and air conditioners rather than using central air for your entire house when it makes sense to. I work from home, and I really only need climate control in one room at a time for most of the day, and heating/cooling my entire house is not very energy efficient.

space heater cute

This is the space heater that I have. It's small and adorable, and also has a cooling setting!

Similarly, I also use heating blankets because I run colder than everyone else–and colder than my dogs do! It is a great way to be more energy efficient also while keeping others comfortable too. My favorite is this machine washable heated throw. Not to mention, I love my Nest thermostat, if I need to leave the house but forget to adjust it, I can do it from my phone! Or if I'm too lazy to get up in the middle of the night I can adjust it.


Avoid weedkillers and herbicide which can negatively affect biodiversity and runoff into the water supply. According to Iowa State University, pouring boiling water over unsightly weeds is an effective yet environmentally friendly way to manage them. Be careful not to burn yourself!

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